About CIPC

       Cosmic Interstellar Public Chain is committed to building the cornerstone of trust in the digital economy era. With an autonomous and controllable blockchain infrastructure, it provides enterprise blockchain solutions with leading performance, flexibility, efficiency, fast access, compliance and security based on scenarios. It has realized the full link high availability design of the chip level security protection and high stability system. The underlying data storage has high reliability, supports the non-stop storage elastic expansion of applications, is easy to deploy the enterprise level blockchain environment with one click, and has rich management and operation and maintenance functions. It helps enterprises focus on business innovation, open sharing, supports mainstream open source blockchain technology, and natively supports standard blockchain applications and data, Keep technology open and transparent.


Products and services

Product characteristics

Relying on the strong technical capabilities of the universal chain, it follows the standard blockchain underlying protocol, and supports a variety of flexible deployment forms such as public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.
ChainMaker、Hyperledger Fabric、FISCO BCOS And other blockchain underlying engines, providing a variety of choices for technology selection.
Self developed cross domain interconnection technology breaks through the limitations of region and network from the baas level, realizes platform level interconnection, and greatly improves the flexibility of networking cooperation among multiple enterprises.
It has the ability of financial privacy protection, and provides a variety of configurable software and hardware encryption technologies to ensure the security and credibility of data transmission in an all-round way.
Self developed cross chain interoperability services, supporting homogeneous and heterogeneous chains. Based on the cross chain identity management protocol and components, the high security and high trust cross chain collaborative governance among different participants is realized.
It provides hardware level privacy data security protection. On the premise of protecting the data from leaving the domain, it realizes multi-party data trusted sharing and collaborative computing to ensure that the data is available but invisible.
Generate and verify globally unique identity identifiers for people, enterprises, objects and other entities. Provide infrastructure for cross system and cross boundary trusted identification and data exchange between entities.